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Perpetual Technologies conducts R&D activities for itself and its clients. Here are some examples of these activities:

Perpetual Technologies developed an improved (tough and wear-resistant) patented (U.S. Patent no. 6,835,449) nanostructured ceramic coating that has been qualified for use in nickel/ cobalt and gold high-pressure acid-leach environment. This coating was created while Perpetual Technologies was developing customized nanostructured coatings for two Texas companies: MOGAS Industries and F.W. Gartner Thermal Spraying Co. It is currently being commercially applied to ball valve components.

George Kim, through Perpetual Technologies, was a co-conceiver and principal investigator in a U.S. Office of Naval Research program (ONR grant N00014-02-1-0213). That program was established to develop and evaluate nanostructured bond coats for thermal barrier coating systems in gas turbine engine applications. The University of California, Davis and the National Institute of Standards and Technology were also involved in the program.

Perpetual Technologies has initiated preliminary work on cold-spray processing of nanostructured aluminum in collaboration with the University of Ottawa and the University of California, Davis. Preliminary results with respect to coating strength, adhesion, and microstructure are very promising.

Perpetual Technologies is a consultant for the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), the largest U.S. employee-owned R&D company, in order to identify and develop new applications for the SAIC's unique "pulse thermal spray (PTS)" technology. Perpetual Technologies has identified niche industrial/military applications and has established industrial/military contacts to demonstrate the PTS' capabilities. The list of entities with target applications include: Hard Chrome Alternative Team (HCAT), U.S. Naval Academy (USNA), MOGAS Industries, F.W. Gartner Thermal Spraying Co., Messier-Dowty, and the Naval Surface Warfare Center-Carderock Division (NSWCCD).

George Kim, through Perpetual Technologies, was a principal investigator in a U.S. Office of Naval Research program (ONR grant N00014-00-C-0181) on "Thermal Spray Application of Nanostructured Coatings". The company planned, organized and supervised the investigation of multimodal WC-Co for industrial wear applications, with a specific focus on the erosive and abrasive performance of multimodal WC-Co coatings. Work was carried out using services from U.S. companies and the Canadian National Research Council.

Perpetual Technologies is collaborating with n-WERKZ, Inc. to develop nanostructured metallic powders using a customized planetary grinding mill (PGM). While preliminary ONR-funded efforts on PGM processing of nanostructured metallic powders (ONR grant N00014-03-10146) have yielded fine-grained equi-axed aluminum alloy and MCrAlY powders, the overall objective of Perpetual Technologies and its collaborators is to produce nanostructured powders in a cost-efficient manner that allows for large-scale manufacturing.

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